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This policy refers to the cookies within the present website, operated by  “ORGANICUM GROUP” SRL, and concerns the use of cookies for traffic monitoring and site promotion, ensuring security and correct display and complete information, safe conduct and compliance with the communication objectives of all promotional campaigns published on the site, ensuring compliance with the rules and regulations for the protection of personal data and the right to information of any user of the site.

Accepting the cookie policy makes it possible to access the site. The user has the right to choose, when accessing the site, not to accept the cookies policy, this entailing the impossibility of accessing the site.

The site uses its own and third-party cookies to provide site visitors with a much better browsing experience and services tailored to the needs and interests of each. Cookies store information in a small text file that allows a website to recognize a browser. The web server will recognize the browser until the cookie expires or is deleted.

Cookies are personal data insofar as this digital tool sums up data stored in the user's browser, containing information about browsing the Internet, and the use of the cookie mechanism is an advantage for the benefit of site visitors. The cookie stores important information that enhances the Internet browsing experience (eg, language settings for accessing a site; keeping a user logged in to their webmail account; online banking security; keeping products in the online store in the shopping cart ).

Thus, by entering a cookie on the site it will be enough for a User to log in to the site only once with a password, thus gaining time while browsing our page. If the user rejects a cookie, he can still use the site but will not benefit from some of its settings.

Cookies help us track and segment the interests of users of the site to enhance the experience of visiting our site. Cookies play an important role in facilitating access to and delivery of multiple services to the User, such as:

customizing certain settings such as: the language in which a site is viewed, the currency in which certain prices or rates are expressed, keeping options for various products (measures, other details, etc.) in the shopping cart (and storing these options);
provides site owners with valuable feedback on how their sites are used by users so that they can make them even more efficient and accessible to users;
allow multimedia or other applications from other sites to be included in a particular site to create a more valuable, useful and enjoyable browsing experience;
improve the efficiency of online advertising.
If you need more information related to this topic, you can contact us at the e-mail address  

Types of cookies

The classification of cookies is made according to the duration of use, their role and source, as follows:

a. Cookies according to the duration of use

session - these are temporarily stored in the cookies folder of the web browser so that it can store them until the user leaves the respective website or closes the browser window (eg when logging in to a webmail account or on social networks).
Persistent - these are stored on the hard drive of a computer or equipment (and generally depend on the default lifetime for the cookie). Persistent cookies also include those placed by a website other than the one the user is currently visiting - known as 'third party cookies' - which can be used anonymously to memorize a user's interests so that the most relevant advertising for the user is delivered.

b.cookies depending on their role

strictly necessary - certain cookies are required for the web pages to function properly. Strictly needed cookies allow you to browse the site and benefit from its features. Without these cookies, we will not be able to provide certain features, such as automatic redirection to the least busy server or retention of your wish list.
Functional - functional cookies record information about the choices that users make and also allow site operators to customize the site according to user requirements. For example, cookies can be used to save category / segment preferences.

c. Performance and analysis cookies - cookies that offer the possibility for website operators to monitor visits and traffic sources, the way users interact with the website or certain sections of the website. The information provided by the analysis cookies helps the operators to understand how the visitors use the sites and then to use this information to improve the way the content offered to the users is presented.

d. Targeting and advertising cookies - cookies that can provide the possibility to monitor the online activities of users and to establish user profiles, which can then be used for marketing purposes. For example, based on cookies, the products and services agreed by a user can be identified, this information being subsequently used to send appropriate advertising messages to that user.

e. First party cookies vs third party cookies - each cookie is created by a certain responsible site that places that cookie.

First party cookies are placed by the Internet domain / website accessed by the user (whose address appears in the browser's address bar). For example, if the user visits, and the domain of the cookie placed on his computer is, then it is a first party cookie.
A third party cookie is placed by a different Internet domain / website than the one accessed by the user; this means that the accessed website also contains information from a third party website - for example, an advertising banner that appears on the accessed website.

f. Built-in content (buttons, applications and social widgets). Web pages allow the implementation of social buttons or widgets from a third party, which allow users to interact with sites whose social buttons or widgets are implemented. User interaction with third-party social media buttons or widgets allows the third party to collect some information about that user, including IP address, page header information, and browser information.

1) Operating mode

Cookies allow the recognition of the user's equipment and the appropriate display of the Internet page, adapted to the individual preferences of the user. The role of cookies is to ensure a pleasant and safe web browsing experience and to provide you with complete services. Specifically, based on cookies we have the opportunity to:

Adapt the presentation and display of the site according to your preferences (language, resolution, etc.)
Create anonymous statistics, which do not involve identifying the person, based on your behavior on the site and the interest shown in the products presented. These statistics allow us to improve the structure and content of the site so that we can provide you with the information you need. Provide web security measures ensures the transmission of personalized information to the user according to their preferences mentioned voluntarily and explicitly within the site.

In general, data about Internet browsing activity is collected and analyzed anonymously. If this analysis reveals a specific interest, a cookie is placed on the User's computer and this cookie determines which advertisement you receive from the user, which is called interest-based advertising.

Interest-based advertising is a way to deliver ads on the websites you visit and make them more relevant to your interests. The common interests are grouped according to the previous browsing activity and users are only served advertising that matches their interests. In this way, advertising is relevant and as useful as possible.

2) Types of cookies used by

Below is a detailed list of cookies and device identifiers used.

You may withdraw your consent to the use of Cookies (except cookies required) at any time by changing the options in the appropriate cookie settings available, specific to the browser used.

Of course, you can set your browser to block the necessary cookies, but the site may not work properly. Disabling other types of cookies (than necessary) may affect your operation or experience of using the Site.

  1. Cookies required. Strictly necessary cookies allow you to browse and benefit from its features. Without these cookies, we will not be able to provide certain features, such as automatic redirection to the least busy server or retention of your wish list.
  2. Functional cookies. Functional cookies record information about the choices you have made and also allow us to tailor the website to suit your needs and requests.
  3. Performance and analysis cookies. These types of cookies help us understand how users use We use this data only for the purpose of improving the services offered through

Google Analytics analytics services uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google Inc., based at 1600 Amphitheater Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States

Google will analyze on our behalf how you use our website. For this purpose, we use, Analysis cookies. Information collected by Google in connection with your use of (for example, your submission URL, the web pages within you visit, the type of your browser, the language settings, your operating system, the resolution screen) will be sent to a Google server in the United States, where they will be stored and analyzed; the corresponding results will subsequently be made available to us in an anonymous form. Google is certified to comply with EU-US Privacy Shield standards, which provide an adequate level of data protection with respect to the processing of data by Google in the United States.

For more information about Google Analytics, please see “Google Analytics Terms of Service, Google Analytics security and privacy principles” and “Google Privacy Policy,” available here at html

You may withdraw your consent to the web analysis at any time by downloading and installing a Browser Plugin provided by Google.

iv. Own targeting and advertising cookies.

Online advertising managed by “ORGANICUM GROUP” SRL

As part of a unitary strategy to promote the services of all sites / applications in the Republic of Moldova that are managed by SC “ORGANICUM GROUP” SRL, we use cookies and targeting technologies for advertising purposes for the sites managed by us:

The cookies and targeting technologies for advertising purposes implemented by us allow us to collect data from people who use This data is then aggregated to create user segments classified into various categories (profile creation), without having concrete information on the identity of users included in such segments. This data then allows us to provide users who meet these classifications with interest-based advertising or contextual advertising.

v. Third party advertising also allows other companies to provide advertising materials and collect information through cookies or other similar technologies (third parties) included in the site.

Basically, these targeting technologies that accompany the display ads that users see allow users to monitor how effective the display ads are.

Third-party advertisers may also use other cookies that they set on the user's device when browsing other websites. I use this data to find out whether or not you have viewed a particular advertisement or to identify yourself in their database and to use this data later to serve you other types of advertising that would suit your

Social plugins may use or implement plug-ins for third party social networks. In general, your interaction with a plug-in allows the third party to collect some information about you, including your IP address, page header information, and browser information.

3) How can I stop using cookies?

The applications used to access web pages (browser, for example) save cookies on the Internet users' terminal by default.

However, the settings may be changed by the user so that the automatic installation of cookies is blocked by the web browser. Detailed information on how to manage cookies is available in the settings field of your web browser.

We inform you that limiting the use of Cookies may affect certain functionalities of the way in which the pages of the website are displayed.

Disabling and refusing to receive cookies may make certain sites impractical or difficult to visit and use. You can stop the placement of cookies by managing your consent, but the necessary cookies will not be able to be deactivated in this module as they are necessary for the operation of the Site.

All modern browsers offer the ability to change cookie settings. These settings are usually found in the "options" or "preferences" menu of the browser.

To understand these settings, the following links may be useful, otherwise you can use the browser's "help" option for more details.

Cookie settings in Firefox -
Cookie settings in Chrome -
Cookie settings in Safari -
For third-party cookie settings, you may also consult the site- Information on how visitors may disable the use of cookies by Google by accessing Google Ads Settings ( settings / ads? Hl = ro). Users can also disable the use of cookies by a third-party provider by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative disable page ( .

Tips for secure web browsing based on Cookies.

Cookies are NOT viruses and do not collect personal data.

However, cookies may be used to the detriment of users by Spyware programs. Because they store information about users' preferences and browsing history, cookies can be used as a form of Spyware. Anti-spyware applications have the role of marking cookies to be deleted during anti-virus / anti-spyware scanning procedures. The security system of our site's servers ensures the safe and secure use of cookies and the secure encryption of the data available on the site.

Browsers also have integrated privacy settings that offer different levels of acceptance of cookies - such as the validity period and automatic deletion at the end of a web session.

Due to their flexibility and the fact that most of the most visited sites use cookies, they are almost inevitable. Disabling Cookies limits access to sites such as Youtube, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Google.

That's why we offer some tips to ensure a safe web browsing through Cookies.

Customize your browser's cookie settings.
If you are the only user of the terminal, you can set extended cookie expiration dates.
If you are not the only user of the terminal, consider deleting individual browsing data each time you close the browser.
Install antispyware applications and keep them constantly updated.
Make sure your browser is always up to date, as many Cookie-based attacks are possible due to weaknesses in older versions of browsers.

4) Useful links

If you want to know more about cookies and what they are used for, we recommend accessing the following links:

Microsoft Cookies guide ( /info/cookies.mspx)

All About Cookies (

All browsers give you the ability to customize the way cookies work. To understand these settings, go to the cookie policy sections of the browsers and online platforms with login / registration used.

For requests or additional details regarding the cookies policy you can write to us using the e-mail address: