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ORGANIC INDIA - The Vehicle of Consciousness

ORGANIC INDIA is the 1st company in INDIA to produce Tulsi (Holy Basil) teas, 100% certified organic, giving the world this sacred drink and a global leader in the production of natural food supplements from the most famous and effective Indian herbs in full form, used by thousands of years and in Ayurveda, and Tulsi teas (Holy Basil), 100% certified organic. ORGANIC INDIA products contain plants grown and processed by methods that protect their nutritional integrity, in accordance with the highest international standards. Today, the company sustainably produces, through regenerative agriculture, products to improve life, of exceptional quality.

All ORGANIC INDIA products contain 100% Certified Organic Plants, which means that no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used at any stage of production. All plants are harvested exclusively from our farmers, and the unique methods of cultivation, harvesting and processing protect their nutritional integrity.

Organic farming uses methods of enrichment and treatment of the soil that do not harm the environment.

ORGANIC INDIA products promote health, happiness and "True Well-Being" and are made with care and love. Each of our products embodies the love, respect and connection between Mother Nature, farmers, our company and you.

We work with small families to cultivate thousands of acres of farmland in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way to provide a dignified life for Indian farmers and to provide you with health and happiness.

By choosing ORGANIC INDIA, you also actively participate in our mission to create a sustainable environment!